Is to be a recognized regional leader to achieve excellence in development, reality and property management in Saudi Arabia.

Transform potential real estate investments into optimal returns & sustainable value by effectively execute value-add innovative strategies.

Spearhead the national development market by delivering desired values to clients through providing creative consistent services.

  • Transparency

  • Reliability

  • Sustainability

  • Community Responsibility

The professional service of Developers has evolved over the years due to continued increase in project complexity and size. Today, projects are often group of many projects or many complex parts and this multi-project requirement has developed the need for comprehensive approach that includes feasibility, financing, marketing, constructions and the ultimate management and operation of the assets.

This requires an Owner to partner with professional expertise at the earliest vision of their goal with accurate information gathering and analysis to properly estimate and predict the most efficient solution for the market needs.

Real estate developers are effectively the entrepreneur that make a new building happen. Aldar Alkahasa has a comprehensive and integrated approach towards real estate development, as the Company is involved in the full lifecycle of a project from its initiation to its successful completion.


Our Business Model Architecture

  • Mind-Share: 

Positioning Should be clearly different than the competitors’, should be positively perceived by customers and should be sustainable for long time.

  • Market-Share: 

Differentiation is what to offer (content), how to offer (context) and the enabler to offer (infrastructure).

  • Heart-Share:

A corporate brand would be positively perceived by customers if it is supported by suitable values.

  • Equity-Share:

The pay-off is the results of optimising and repositioning business activities in the market place.

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The new business address in Jeddah ...

A SAR 1.2B Commercial project situated on Jeddah Corniche, “THE HEADQUARTERS BUSINESS PARK” offers architectural beauty reflected by its magical execution, blending in naturally with the sharp sun rays hitting the Red Sea Shores. Its luxury is only transcended by its smart design, providing the latest technology in security, surveillance, electrical conservatory infrastructure, internet networking and much more.




Saudi Limited Company

The Headquarters Business Park Tower, 33rd Floor Unit # 3303
Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

Phone : +966 012 510 5555