Asset Management

Asset Management is composed of two key divisions: Reality Management/Sales & Marketing and Property Management


Aldar Alkhasa’s Reality Management proven methodology spans across four key phases (Prospecting, Negotiation, Closing and Referring).

  • Prospecting: Market research & penetration strategy, Target market identification and appropriate target approach through various channels

  • Negotiating: Understand prospects needs, Negotiate price and legal terms, and Send offers and address queries

  • Closing: Sign legal agreements, Handle payments, Support and address clients’ concerns and queries

  • Referring: Sustain business relationships with clients and Referrals generation through clients friends and colleagues


Aldar Alkhasa's property management division within asset management delivers an organized management methodology  which is  bi-directionally linked to a record model to both:

  1. efficiently aid in the maintenance and operation of a facility and its assets in the most cost effective manner; and 

  2. explore means to generate maximum yield of such real estate asset.

The Property Manager focuses on asset protection and exerts best utilization out of the establishment yet sustain the image.

Management model relies on business rules & regulations monitored through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Maintain bi-directional efficient communication model to secure an atmosphere of open book & partnership.

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